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Leah Halpert, Attorney at Law

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With over a decade of experience in trademark protection, enforcement, and licensing, Halpert Trademark Law has the expertise and experience to protect and expand your trademark portfolio.

The forward facing nature of trademarks and brands drives public recognition for your products and services. Strong trademarks immediately communicate key business attributes such as quality, creativity, and proven results to the public. These assets are hard-earned, and require safeguards.

My business focuses on protecting your intellectual property and goodwill so you are empowered to concentrate on the goals of your business.

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Established Business Owners:

You work hard and you've built a strong, growing business. You've put a lot into ensuring customers both in and out of your community can trust that your products and services are of the highest quality. Now, as the economy works to rebuild itself, you need to ensure no one else tries to trade on your name and hard-earned good will.

New Business Owner:

You're just getting started, whether with a new business venture, or a new product or service. You want to protect your brand name and logos but don't know where to start or how to navigate the complexities of the US Trademark system.

Community Business Owners and Growth-Phase Businesses:

You're looking to expand your local business nationwide, or even internationally, and need to develop a strong course of action to strategically expand your goodwill.

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Artistic Expression:

You've spent significant time developing an artistic piece for your community and want to ensure visitors and viewers do not reproduce it for their own personal gain.

Educational Content:

You've worked to develop a course and related documents as part of your business, and need to protect yourself and students from others trying to sell your work without permission.

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Trade Secrets

Protection of highly confidential assets:

You've developed a highly confidential formula, process, or other information that is vital to your business which would create irreparable harm to your business if it ever entered the public domain.

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Community Business Owners and Growth-Phase Businesses:

You work in a small town, building your business along side others in town. You agree to work together to promote the various businesses, and you want to ensure that your rights are protected while still allowing your partner companies to use your brands and advertise your business.

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